Continuing our Traditional way of life

As a functioning community with schools and places of employment, the people of Djarindjin Community choose to remain closed to tourism to allow our young people the opportunity to continue our traditional way of life, practicing cultural lore and caring for country.

We are a community that enjoys our privacy on the West Coast of WA. We are people that enjoy our traditional ways of living. We are saltwater people and we have learnt through our ancestors how to care for and protect our land and our sea. We only hunt and gather from these sources during the right seasons. We respect our flora and fauna, we are one with our land and animals, we are one with the sea and all that lives in it. We have ancient stories and song-lines that guide us through our lives and teach us the ways of our old ones. We are Bardi and Jawi people, the people from the mainland and the people from the islands. This is our land, this is our culture, this is our way of life.

The Dampier Peninsula offers many spectacular destinations and unique on Country tours that cater to the needs of visitors and showcase the unique saltwater culture of the Bardi Jawi people.